Summer Piano Ensemble

Spend the summer experiencing the joy of making music with others, meeting new friends, and challenging oneself to be a better musician.

The one and only piano ensemble in the Northwest Suburbs! Performing in a piano ensemble is a unique opportunity to play piano with others in a social environment. 

Benefits of ensemble performance: 

  • Decreases performance anxiety

  • Develops accompanying skills

  • Repertoire can meet the requirements of a variety of levels within one group

  • Music is pleasing and motivational due to its full arrangements

  • Extra note reading practice over the summer

  • Get to know new people

Piano ensemble is open to beginner-advanced students. Students should have at least 2 years of piano experience, practice regularly, and be ready to put in extra practice time during the summer.

Our Piano Ensembles meet for 14 - one hour long classes over June and July and end in a culminating performance on the last day of class. Groups will be scheduled on Tuesday/Thursday between 12:45-1:45 or 1:45-2:45  between June 7th-July 29th. No classes the week of the 4th of July. Participation fee is $250 plus the cost of sheet music. Each ensemble will have between 4-6 performers.

Acceptance into our summer ensemble program requires teacher recommendation. You do not need to be a current GMA student to apply. However, please discuss with your teacher before applying. A video of a piece most recently learned in lessons music be included in your application. 

Applications are due by April 15th each calendar year. After April 15th, all application videos will be reviewed, and groups will created based on skill level. Families will be notified via email of acceptance by May 15th. Unfortunately, not every student will be accepted into the ensemble program due to limited space. 

What our ensemble participants have said:

"You have to pay attention to the other people's playing to make pieces work instead of keeping the beat yourself." Samantha 

"You have to be more patient while playing and you get to play songs with new people!" Eliana

"It's so much fun, I want to do it every year!" Inde

Application for the Summer 2022 Piano Ensemble 

Application Fee $50. The application fee will be applied toward tuition if you are accepted. If you are not accepted into the program, the application fee will be returned. However, if you are accepted into the program and need to withdraw, the application fee will be forfeited.

Thanks for your application!

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