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The Conservatory

Achievement in Music Program (AIM)


Our conservatory program is for our most dedicated piano and voice students. In order to apply for the conservatory program, students must be at least 6 years old and have studied privately for at least one year. In the conservatory program, children study for the "Achievement in Music" or "AIM" theory and performance exams with between 2-4 memorized pieces held annually at Northwestern University. There are 12 levels of the program and students are generally expected to complete level 10 by their senior year of high school. Some students go on to complete level 11 or 12. Students that complete level 10 as a senior put on a solo graduation recital.

Students in the conservatory study sightreading, aural skills, scales and technique, harmonization, transposition, and music composition. 

Students are invited by their instructor in May of each year to join the conservatory. Acceptance into the program means the student agrees to practice for the length of their lesson 5 days per week. Additionally, students in levels 3+ are required to attend a music theory class twice per month. Students attend theory classes either in person, via Zoom, or work independently with our custom made pre-recorded lesson videos.

*Students who do not maintain their practice or regularly miss theory classes will be dropped from the program.

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AIM Results

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